Set to sail at the late 2020, Capital Place Building with two thirty seven-storey towers will provide to the Grade A office for lease market of central Hanoi 93,000 square meters, meeting the urgent needs of domestic and foreign businesses. With international standard of office for lease and thorough investments in design, functions, technologies, amenities and management services, Capital Place at 29 Lieu Giau is very promising in becoming the new symbol of office building in Hanoi which can satisfy every demand of any business.

02 thirty seven-storey towers



Office for lease acreage

03 underground basements

Parking lot

Central AC

Air Conditioner

1200 – 1340m2

Each floor

5,279 m²

Commercial zone

32 elevators


100% capacity

Back-up electricity machine

phối cảnh tòa nhà Capital Place


Prime Location

Capital Place is located at the intersection of the administrative center and the vibrant economic area of Lieu Giai and Van Cao. From the building, you can conveniently travel to key areas of the city, thanks to the prime location at the heart of Hanoi. This convenient location is also a factor for better trade and development within businesses in the area. Simultaneously, the landing ground of Capital Place Building is also an area of synchronous infrastructure with many large commercial centers, high-rise buildings, embassies, entertainment facilities, public utilities, etc. This is a major feature to ensure the best working conditions for the businesses with great connection opportunities for any businesses choose to work here.

Professional Office

Capital Place, which is built according to the international standard of Grade A office building, is heavily and meticulously invested in design, utilities, technology and building management. These are all for the development of the most professional workplace in the area, which can be put in comparison with other prestigious Grade A office building such as the Lotte Tower or Keangnam Landmark. This heavy investment can also create a quality working environment and elevate the image of the businesses here. In the building, there to 32 high-speed elevators, flexible floor options, soundproof ceilings for noise control, luxurious toilets and a range of other state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the ideal workplace.

Diverse choice of Acreage

Capital Place Lieu Giai Building provides more than 90,000 square meters of office space and more than 5,000 square meters of commercial floor, serving the demand for high-class office space in the central Hanoi. With a large no-column floor design, the building has many flexible separation options, ranging from 80m2 to the entire floor. The building is suitable for many businesses of different scales, ranging from the medium to the large ones. Especially, the building can have flexible floors to meet the needs of the tenants. This will definitely be the best office rental option in 2020. With each different sizes, the building offers different prices and different concessions. These concessions include free aircon during working hours, free rent in 45 days for construction.

HOTLINE: 0977 260 357

Location of Capital Place Hanoi

29 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Located at 29 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi near the intersection of Lieu Giai, Kim Ma, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Capital Place Building possesses a prime location of one of the most economically developed of Hanoi. With this ideal location, the employees and staffs working in Capital Place can easily travel and commute to other commercial buildings, office areas, embassies, government agencies, etc. within just a few steps, making this the best working conditions for businesses.

» 10 minutes to Hoan Kiem, Dong Da or the area of Westlake, Nam Tu Liem and Cau Giay.

» Only 30 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport through Nhat Tan Bridge

» Great connection to Metro 3: Kim Ma – Nhon – Hanoi Raiway Station

vị trí

design style of Capital Place Hanoi

Inspired by the holy image of “Ascending Dragon” which embodies power and prosperity, the architectures of Capital Place Hanoi designs the building with the image of dragon scales into the windows, making the general vibe here more unique than ever. This will definitely become the new symbol of development and wealth.

The outer side of the building gives the great impression thanks to the high-quality glass layered on each other with LED technology applied with the latest updates. This carves out the true legendary picture of the powerful Dragon which sparks over the calm sky of Hanoi.

The inner space of the building ignites with the classy modernity, thanks to the grand and majestic hall and each office space. Each office space here can meet the needs and demand regarding brightness, airiness, sound, privacy, which initiates the satisfaction of customers.

Capital Place Lieu Giai (2)
Không gian văn phòng

Green and environment-friendly working space

Capital Place Lieu Giai is the first building ever to be awarded with LEED certificate in Hanoi which is a standard feature indication green and sustainable working space. With major space for greenery and environment-friendly building materials, the employees working in the building can enjoy the relaxation and comfort while at work.

The building is also equipped with air purification system which uses low-radiation materials and LEED-standardized sensors. This can maximize the saving of water used during working hours and control the energy consumption, creating a pure and relaxing for businesses.

capital place floor plan


HOTLINE: 0965 85 56 85


Situated at the heart and the dynamic living space of Hanoi, Capital Place Building inherits a great number of amenities just within a few steps, including restaurants, pubs, bars, supermarkets, etc. This building meet the requirements of:

LEED Gold Certificate

Non-column leasing ground (the biggest of Vietnam)

Toilets and executive showers for each floor

Raised floor 150mm

2.7m of ceiling height

Void location

developer & partners



CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) is one of the biggest real estate corporations in Asia. Present in more then 180 cities, 30 countries and two major markets of Singapore and Chian, CapitaLand is being the brand that can ensure the quality and bring the ease in mind of customers.

In Vietnam, CapitaLand has provided more then 8,600 quality apartments with 15 housing projects, two retail zones and more then 6,300 service apartments of 24 buildings. With the aim to bring about outstanding products, this developer has always devoted their enthusiasm and thorough investment in every step of the project, from setting up ideas to constructing the building so that customers can rest assured with the fine quality of the project. With the brand of this developer, you can entirely trust the quality and the breakthrough of Capital Place 29 Lieu Giai.

Mitsubishi20Estate (1)

Mitsubishi Estate

Co-operatinh with CapitaLand to build the symbol of office construction Capital Place, Mitsubishi Estate is the leading comprehensive real estate developer in Japan. As this agency works in many fields of the real estate market, Mitsubishi Estate is very vocal in the international scale, all thanks to the ground-breaking projects around the globe in America, UK, China, Singapore and Vietnam, etc. With years of experience and the brand itself, Mitsubishi Estate is the ensurement for Capital Place’s quality.